Back From The Break

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The All-Star break is over, and all of us here in Utah were really excited to get back to basketball, and finish what we started this season. I did take [...]

The Case for Gaming

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Originally published on The Players’ Tribune. […]


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We’ve reached about the halfway point of the season, and I honestly feel pretty good about where we stand. We’ve had a very up and down year, and that goes [...]


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We’re in the midst of an important year here with the Utah Jazz, and as we get ready to begin the second month of the season, we're not necessarily where [...]

The Value of Offseason Work

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It’s an exciting time right now as the summer draws to a close, and workouts ramp up with the season already fast approaching. I’m currently in Las Vegas getting ready [...]

Baby Bernie

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Bernadette Marie Hayward was born on June 6, 2015, so it’s been a little over a month since I became a dad. It’s been a tremendous, life-changing experience. She really [...]

I Informed You Thusly

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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how Robyn and baby Bernadette are doing, and I’m happy to report they’re doing very well and becoming a dad has been [...]


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Can LeBron James will the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory, or are the Golden State Warriors just too much to handle? That's how I ultimately see this year's NBA Finals breaking [...]


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The conference finals got off to a great start last night in Oakland with Golden State's 110-106 win over Houston. It's hard not to be excited about these next two [...]


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The 2014-15 NBA season has been one of the most thrilling years for the league in a while. In large part, it's been because of the unpredictability of it, which [...]