Following the end of the NBA’s regular season, Gordon joined former WNBA star Tina Thompson on a trip to Philippines to spread their love of the game.

As was documented on the Utah Jazz web site, they were very well received.

[Listen to a podcast done from the Philippines on the Jazz site.]

From April 25-27, G-Time and Thompson served as coaches and instructors at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila for a national training camp. The training camp was the culmination of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA program for the top 50 boys and top 24 girls from their respective regions. The camp focused on teaching core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, a positive attitude and respect for the game.

Did you ever think you’d be teaching basketball to kids of the Philippines?
I never thought I would come to the Philippines to do that, no. It was a cool idea that was brought to me and I decided to take the opportunity.

Why did you agree to do it?
I had never been to the Philippines, so it was a chance for me to come to a new country. Also, any time you get the chance to give back and teach basketball to kids you’ve gotta jump all over that.

You grew up in arguably the basketball capital of the world. How cool is it to see the game of basketball reach this far?
It’s very cool. Especially with how passionate the Filipinos are towards basketball. They love the game here and it’s been a cool experience.

What is it like to teach the game with communication barriers?
Honestly a lot of it is hands on, so when you teach the kids most of basketball is universal. You can show them with your body and demonstrate things. They’ve been very perceptive and good at watching what I do and emulating that.

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